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Avoiding Illness while Traveling

As you may already be aware, airplanes are flying germ cans and for those who travel for work or those who fly to see family on the holidays, they can’t always be avoided. While you can’t control exposure to bacteria and viruses from someone in the row behind you coughing throughout the flight, you can “decontaminate” your personal space on the place as soon as you take your seat to reduce your risk getting sick. The easiest way to do this is to carry a small pack or even sandwich baggie with a few Clorox or other antibacterial wipes with you in your carry on bag. As soon as you’ve secured a spot for your luggage, wipe down your seat belt buckles, armrests, tray table, the seat back pocket edge, the touchscreen in the back of the seat in front of you and even the buttons overhead that control your air and light. Try not to touch your face or mouth during the flight and wash your hands anytime you get up to stretch your legs. Staying well hydrated, well rested and using a Neti pot or nasal saline rinses daily while traveling will also help you avoid getting sick. While there is no magic bullet to bolster the immune system, these are some basic ways to try to stay healthy while traveling. And if you get sick, we’re happy to see you in the office before or after the Thanksgiving holiday!

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