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Surviving the Pumpkin Patch

This time of year families start making trips to the Pumpkin Patch and it’s not unusual to feel sick that night or the next day. Why is that? There are high exposures to both fall pollens (ragweed and cedar elm) and mold at the pumpkin patch. Freshly unbaled hay is big source of mold spores. Most pumpkin patches have hayrides and haystacks for the kids to climb on which results in clothing, hair and skin being coated with mold spores and pollen. The best way to prevent getting sick after this fall tradition is to take an antihistamine before you go and as soon as you get home, change your clothes somewhere other than your bedroom and take a quick bath or shower to get all those allergens off your skin and hair. With these simple steps you can enjoy this fall family activity without suffering for days afterwards!

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